Episode #10: Uncover your Human Design to Live Your Life in Alignment


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April 7, 2021

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In this episode, I discuss how to incorporate our entire body including our energetic makeup and blueprint.

We talk alot about living in alignment while making intuition-led and heart-and-soul-led decisions, but I want to go deeper by leaning into decision-making that follows our human design.From manifestors and projectors to Mani-gens and reflectors,whether you’ve heard loads about human design or this is the very first time you’re hearing about it, this episode is for you.

I dove deep into how you can uncover your human design and live your life in complete alignment to serve your higher purpose in this universe. 

Highlights: What is human design, where did it originate from, and what does it mean to me? Find out how I’ve been incorporating it into my business and how

I am living my life in alignment based on my human design.Some people are meant to respond. Some are meant to get shit started, while others are meant to finish it.

Others, still, are meant to mirror the conscious collective. I broke down exactly what those types, authorities, and strategies mean, and also explained how you can discover your chart and type.

Certain things will best serve your highest good when done based on your unique design and alignment. The human design theory helps you understand what you are here on earth to explore and learn.

Although some people might find this limiting in terms of what they’re able to achieve or do based on their chart, it was in fact meant to create the boundaries and support structures that will help you show up as your best self.

Uncovering your human design will not only improve the quality of your life,and help you make the right (aligned) decisions, investments and choices; it will also allow you to show up more confidently and in alignment with your business, especially as a coach. This is why I spent some time in this episode talking about how you can market in alignment with your human design, show up on social media, and generally make use of your human design to live your life to the fullest.

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