Episode #17: $200K+Series: How Taking ‘One Step at a Time’ Built My Multi-6-figure Business

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May 24, 2021

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When we first start our businesses, it can be so tempting to get caught up in the how. We want to know every single detail. How do I reach my revenue goal? How about that milestone? How will my manifestation actualize? 

We get so hung up on finding the perfect strategy or showing up perfectly in our businesses, and completely forget that just as cities were built by laying one brick at a time, so are businesses. One step at a time – putting one foot in front of the other and making one decision at a time.

That is why, in this episode, I shared with you all the fulfilling and joyful moments, along with the entire process and journey I went through to go from zero to multi-6 figure income in my business. In this installment of my $200K+ Series, you will get a sneak-peak into all the behind-the-scenes action and how it all started with me taking that very first step.

Highlights:As you tune it to listen to this episode, don’t expect a magic blue-print, because you won’t find one. Why? Because we’re such diverse human beings with different life experiences and traumas, who view the world through different lenses. And that’s our beauty. That’s our secret sauce! When I took the first step, there’s honestly no way I could have mapped out every single step that would take me from A to B to C. No way I could have understood exactly what strategy would take me from starting with zero to hitting multi-six figures in my business.

Here’s why I think you should stop obsessing over the ‘Hows’: if you knew every single detail of how your life was going to unfold…the people that were gonna come in and out of it, the lessons you were going to learn, the exact details of how your day was going to pan out…where would the fun and enjoyment be in that? There’d be no pleasant surprises, no unexpected wins, and no need for inspired action.

You might be wondering what that first step is for you. Lots of people are scared and fearful of putting themselves out there or taking the next step, because they’re not sure where it’s going to lead. But let me promise you this: When you make aligned decisions and follow what feels good to you, you’re going to uncover those next steps for yourself. And that’s not something that anyone else can do for you.

I talked about some of the negative self-talk that goes through our minds and how it really helps to remember that this stems from our ego, which is in actual sense our wounded inner child that was hurt and broken, and is only trying ot keep us safe. Instead of trying to silence or ‘kill’ the ego, what it needs is a little love and positive affirmation or reassurance.

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