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Business Activation Academy is the  ONLY program you'll need to launch your coaching business from scratch!

This is the nudge of your Secret Sauce.

You’ve felt *the pull*, it’s the reason you’re here.

That little whisper that dares you to believe you’re meant for more than the day job you drag yourself to each morning. 

Your Secret Sauce- the magic within that’s destined to serve hundreds of souls- chose you for a reason.

It knows that your unique magic is medicine to the people who need to hear your story, your voice, your wisdom.

You're dreaming of becoming a life coach to help your clients transform their lives, but you keep waiting for some "perfect time" to start, and keep making excuses.

the time is NOW.

 you need a certification before you can coach, that you’re not knowledgeable enough to coach yet.

You tell yourself...

you need a niche before you start your business, when in reality you ARE the greatest niche for your business. YOU are the magic.

You think...

about how you will financially support yourself and your kids, unsure about making a “steady income” through coaching.

You're anxious...

that you can trust your intuition and let that lead the way. Your intuition has been trying to tap you on the shoulder, but you're brushing it off, seeking logic and guarantees instead.

You don't know...

about making $5K months working for yourself, but always end up gaslighting yourself into being grateful for your *safe and steady* day job and feeling guilty for wanting more.

You dream...

The reason why these things keep holding you back at square one is NOT because you’re uniquely fucked in your own situation 

Here's the thing...

It’s because you’ve been conditioned by patriarchal, industrialism and capitalistic programming to:

that you don’t know enough to get started 


  • get a degree and a good paying job, and to trust what’s steady and predictable

  • to NOT fully embrace the divine feminine which shows up as being disconnected from your body and your own energy

This no longer has to dictate how you live your life.

Because when you:

1. identify exactly what you want and why,

2. get clear on who you need to become, and

3. take aligned action as if your desires already ARE your reality

That’s when you create the only blueprint your business ever needs. 

If you’re wondering how I know this to be true… 

Hi, I'm Tiffany.

Turns out that was exactly where I needed to be.

Before I launched my coaching business, I was convinced I could never be successful without:

  • loads of time (I am a single mama and college student)

  • years of experience (I started with little experience!) 

  • a profitable niche (I trusted what I knew to be enough)

Through being focused on serving my clients and trusting my magic, I gained experience, confidence, AND the exact knowledge I needed to improve.

Through coaching hundreds of students (many of which have since quit their day jobs!) and who felt doomed in the beginning stages, I can tell you that there’s nothing so uniquely fucked up about you that prevents you from being a successful six figure (& beyond) coach. 

In fact, I’ve created just the school for you. 

When you align your energy to your results and take full responsibility for your actions, you cast a spell that produces sustainable, effortless abundance.

Growing your coaching business does NOT need to feel like getting *lucky* that one time.

hone your coaching skills AND sales skills to make money as a new coach

create unwavering belief in yourself, your coaching offer, and your clients

build your own program with BAA's one-of-a-kind process

learn to show up online and take up big space to attract clients while regulating your nervous system

hit your first $5K month + beyond!!!
(just think about what would be possible for you then!)

Through Business Activation Academy, you will...

Using my signature Align – Awaken – Activate framework, you’ll access BAA's 6 key modules:

Here’s how it works…

More action doesn’t create results, intentional beliefs do. By understanding how to manage your mind (neurodiverse? I got you.) and your unique energy makes you an unstoppable coach. Burnout who?

You aren’t just building a career as an in-demand coach in the making, you’re here because you felt that tap on your shoulder, the sparkle in your sacral chakra, and that lit up sensation you just can’t shake. This is your magic calling you to share that 1-in-7-billion medicine. Get ready to connect with it and OWN that shit.

Your business is alive and it wants to partner with you in a way that serves you. Detox from supremacy systems and a neurotypical society that’s left you unappreciated at your day job and create a business on YOUR terms with the fulfillment and freedom that’s yours to have.

The indecision and spiraling ends here. Walk away from this module with an offer you love and fully believe in, and start working with your first beta clients to test your evolving coaching process. Look out, there’s a new coach in town!

Learn exactly what it takes to successfully sell your offer to aligned clients on sales calls through integrity, service, and love. Gone are the days where sales feels sleazy; open the floodgates to soul led selling that puts your clients first.

We’re ready for takeoff. This is where your offer sees the light of day (also known as payday, baby) Create a personalized money-making belief plan AND action plan to create mind blowing launch results. Best part about this? Use this method over and over to launch your offer & new ones too!

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BAA is like a choose-your-own-adventure roadtrip into your wildest dreams.

here's what you get the moment you join:

Monthly Live group coaching calls with me every first & third Wednesdays at 4:30pm PST // 7:30pm EST!

Lifetime access to the Business Activation Academy online course (& updates!)

You have a vision for 2023. It might feel unclear, but it still gives you butterflies.

You have been chosen by the spirit of your business.

Nobody can teach this offer the way you can. Everything you've been taught to feel shame around are actually your superpowers.

and will result in a "I LOVED that you brought this up. I've been so drawn to your content and energy. How can I work with you as my coach?!" 

it's not rocket science. it's not far away. it's not just a fantasy.

You can decide - today - that you are ready to stop playing hard to get with your business. Your comfort zone won't get you to your 2023 vision.

You can book dream, aligned clients without chasing them down, or going long periods of time between hearing from another semi-potential candidate. 

Gone are the days of signing one client, then frantically worrying about where you’ll ‘find’ another.

Just read what past BAA grads are saying about their experience:

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You are worthy of true fulfillment and freedom as a coach.

Inside Business Activation Academy, you’ll find out what it means to truly have your own back as a business owner.

You don't need an exit plan. You just need to trust yourself.

Your secret sauce does. It's why it chose YOU.

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