it's life-giving transformation as the whole human, as we build the new paradigm together as leaders

Magicmind is THE energetics mastermind for the leader scaling to 6 & multi 6-figures/year in your coaching or service based business

Receive high level coaching directly from Tiffany AND the Magicmind sisterhood. 

Get in the room with the most magical, big hearted, witchy WOC of the coaching / service-provider world. 

Keep scrolling to get a glimpse into what it may look like to expand your movement as a leader inside Magicmind this year…

Magicmind is a year-long mentorship
 mastermind (soul revival journey)

warning: may create ripple effects of mind-bending, time-collapsing, brain-breaking results in your business (and life!)

What would your life look like in a year if today, you decided to go all in on your business in 2024 and take the bravest leap? 


No. 1

What would it feel to calibrate to your Highest Timeline through high level mentorship? 


No. 2

What would be possible for you if you jumped two feet in and committed mind body soul to a multi 6 figure year for 1 whole year?


No. 3

Who would you become if you decided how you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING- and witnessed upleveling in every area of your life?


No. 4

It's time to ask yourself

You desire a business that feels flowy, free, and gives you OPTIONS.
Spirit of Your Business says: DONE.

Apply to Magicmind TODAY

Hi, I'm Tiffany.

+ Be extremely organized (I have ADHD and do things my way)
+ Hustle extremely hard (I built my business to $1M as a college student and single mom by letting my energetics inform my strategy)
+ Follow all the traditional “rules” of business (I’ve done everything they said “you cant do that and be successful” to)
sacrifice lots of time (I work 4 days a week, have lunch with my grandma, and my daughter and I go on trips all the time!)

As a result, my business has been wildly successful. Turns out, my business chose ME as I am today. YOUR BUSINESS ALSO CHOSE YOU.

It’s SO much more magnetic- to build a business being your Truest Self. The perked up, 'professional', conforming version of you will come to Magicmind to die. And emerging from the ashes will be the version of yourself you came here to be. 

When I became a coach, I was convinced (because of how often I saw it all around me) that in order to be successful -

I needed to:

xo, Tiffany

Not-so-humble brag

+ After hitting $100,000 in 8 months, I hit another $100,000 in the 4 months following. I ended my FIRST YEAR in business surpassing $200,000
+ My first launch ever was $45,000 and every launch after has been 5-figures+
+ I've sold over $1M in sales revenue in under 4 years
+ I've helped hundreds of clients launch their businesses and helped them grow sustainably AND joyfully
+ I've sold out my programs, gotten fully booked, and created an always-ready-to-buy audience without sales funnels, ads, and sometimes without sales pages.
+ I get to travel around the world with my daughter anytime I want, and I get to do the little things- picking her up from school and spending quality time together :)
+ I’ve retired my mom from the corporate that was draining her energy and joy
+ Beyond money goals, my clients often tell me that my coaching has "led them home to themselves", they are able to put their kids in extra curricular activities, and finally take the vacation they wanted.

because wins DESERVE to be celebrated!

Wealth looks however you define it, and Magicmind isn't just about creating your journey to 6 / multi 6 figures, it's about creating priceless, core memories with your loved ones you didn't even KNOW you needed.


Magicmind’s teachings include:

feminine leadership

mind-body-soul business

sustainable & joyful next-level sales

business as the WHOLE WOMAN

co-creating with the Spirit of Your Business

activating your authentic, fullest self expression

expanding your capacity for discomfort AND deeper joy

money energetics to call in high cash months, effortlessly

decolonizing outdated paradigms + supremacy systems

magnetic messaging to create “take my money!” clients

you will create experiences in your business that make you ask:
"and i get paid for this!?"

Apply to Magicmind!

You're a soul-aligned fit if:

This mastermind IS for you if:

you Feel drawn to this container, period. your intuition knows and it’ll keep pulling you back. trust it! You might feel both stretched and turned on. The side effects of a quantum leap ;)

You are an online coach / teacher / mentor / healer and actively have been working with clients

You see business beyond the 'proven strategies' and tap into your unique energy, embodiment, and yourself as the whole human

You desire to feel safe, abundant and liberated with your money as it increases and evolves, and YOU evolve to hold more of it!!!




(hint: you're not the problem, it's a neurotypical, wounded masculine, patriarchal society that isn't designed for women of color to thrive. Magicmind changes all of that.)


In 6 months, she created a total of $11,000 cash collected.  She desired to work on her messaging in her marketing to speak to her most aligned clients. She's shifting from 1-1 into a course and already has 8 students at a $1K price point!

We created a clear and streamlined way for her to show up for her audience, making it clear SHE knew where they were struggling, and offering a solution to help. 

Aaron shares "I decided to give my all to the Marketing May challenge. I posted to my stories almost daily and allowed my intuition and inspiration to lead me in what to post. I listened to Tiffany's marketing videos a couple of times, took notes on them, and applied them. I signed 6 clients in May and start working with them 1:1 next week!" 

She shared with me "August is about to be a $20K month for me."
Mind. Blowing. When you know how to make $10K, each time you make it, it becomes faster AND easier. "I couldn't have done this without Magicmind." she shares in our #celebrationstation channel on Slack.

Aaron joined Magicmind as a Budget Coach (she's also a psychic medium!) 

Here's Aaron's story

What Celeste had to say about Tiffany's coaching

She decided to join Magicmind and invested the $10K in full. Tiff made her money back in the container!

Here's the thing. When you learn how to make 10K, it becomes faster and easier each time. When you sign your first client for $1K, it will seem like the MOST MONEY IN THE WORLD. 

Until you sign your first client at $5K. Then $10K, and more demand = more sales, all at once. You learn to hold it ALL.

Tiff joined Magicmind after making $5K, then taking a few months off before fully re-committing to her coaching business

Here's Tiff L.'s story

We coached on shifting her sales energetics, seeing where we could let things be EASY, activating her unique magnetism and edge, and applying an aligned strategy to bringing back a previous offer. 

In January 2024, she celebrated $17K in sales!! After the call, she celebrated another client re-signing at $5K…

She celebrated a $22K month not even a month after wondering if she should close down her business. 

THIS is the power of mentorship + community: having a coach and peers to lean on who will help you shift your perspective, create aligned strategy, and lean into what’s possible.

My Mastermind student Ann was navigating some life and business challenges, and thought for a moment if she should close down her business. 

Here's Ann's story

Inside Magicmind, we set the standard of OWNING our results, every. single. time.

we don't just create success and move on. so many entrepreneurs are so successful and think it's "all just a fluke" or they "got lucky."

I teach my students to own their results, ALL their results, and take responsibility for how they created them.

from doubting her pricing for her course...

To sales rolling in & a $13k sales month!

Here is Tayler's journey


12 payments of

payment plan


1 payment of

pay in full

unlock the PIF bonus & save $1K+


monthly integration calls

2 in person live events per year

private community for coaching

a priceless, supportive, loving sisterhood

Access to any Live courses Tiffany launches during the container 

Have Tiffany's eyes in your business and in your corner in an inner circle mastermind!

Magicmind will forever change the trajectory of your business.
Here's what you get:

"Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, I chose you because only YOU have what I want to bring this magic to life."

Message from the Spirit of Your Business:


12 payments of

payment plan


1 payment of

pay in full

Your might have some questions

Magicmind is no longer a 6 month cohort, it is a 12 month rolling program, you can apply at anytime!

Magicmind is a 12 month evergreen container. If you start in May 2024, you have access to everything from May 2024 to May 2025 the next year. :)

Let's make something really crystal clear. You will be joining Magicmind not to access my brain, my energy, or my wisdom. You will be joining Magicmind to access YOUR brain. YOUR energy. YOUR wisdom. YOUR direction. YOUR inner guidance. YOUR magic!

You must decide to get what you came for. You will get 2 Live Calls each month, 1 Focus Group Call each month, and you are able to set up peer coaching calls with your peers anytime throughout the Mastermind. On our private Slack workspace, you can ask for coaching anytime! You will be supported in this container. You will even receive the coaching you need without raising your hands on the calls, and just watching the call replays back or reading the coaching on Slack. You will ALWAYS get exactly what you need when you decide.

The investment to Magicmind is $13K paid in full, or $1200/mo for 12 months, and is set to rise soon.

1. You will send your application in.
2. We will send you an acceptance email or DM if you've been selected!
3. The acceptance letter will include a payment link.
4. You will submit the payment in full OR first installment the payment plan.
5. You get access to Magicmind immediately and get to join the sisterhood!

Magicmind is an energetics mastermind container designed for witchy, soul-led WOC. A mastermind setting means you won't just be coached by me like in a regular group coaching setting, you will be coached & supported by every magical soul selected to enter this space. Conversations and coaching will look DIFFERENT here. This is the elevated level that takes you into 6 figures, cleans up your processes, keeps things simple in your business, removes any blockages or resistance (logistically and mindset-wise), and brings you home to yourself and focuses on deep purpose and legacy work over strict strategy or one-size-fits-all teachings. I wanted an intimate container who is ALL IN in their business that would meet weekly who wants me in their corner holding them accountable, pointing out blind spots to fast-track your success, & sharing my behind-the-scenes launch secrets, flowy magic, sacred structure, and teach you to turn on the faucet for sales.

If you desire to make six figures or multi six figures in 2024, this is the room to be in right here.

Don't just take my word for it

"I knew, I needed to do this now because i was stuck. That was a pivotal moment for me, because i don't necessarily have the funds
just sitting there ready to go, but I'm gonna figure it out. I'm going to dive in because I know i need this."

Tayler's story

"It's nice to be in a space where the entirety of who i am can be held and supported and not judged"

Jo's story

"it’s definitely the most feedback and encouragement i’ve ever gotten from other people on my work… the specific feedback of knowing these people are intimate with my work, intimate with me…it was just such a beautiful experience. so if anyone is thinking about working with you, fucking do it."

Ann's story

"i was looking at sales as this very hard, awkward thing you have to do in your business, but i think that’s the biggest lesson i got thru [sales] doesn’t have to be this very strategic thing i had in mind, but just be open, be human, be inviting, and it will happen."

Brooke's story