what got you to your first thousands $$$ won't get you to your first HUNDRED thousand.

Implementing your version of the
Magicmind Process- WILL.

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deadline to apply closes September 14th, 11:59pm Pacific.

Magicmind is a 6 month business coaching mastermind 

You are an ambitious online coach that's sold thousands of $$$ in coaching already! However... it feels hot and cold, and honestly, if you were to walk away or take a break, it feels like it won't hold itself up.

You're selling, but sometimes it slips into a subconscious convincing energy instead of a "you GET to work with me" and *the demand is already there!* type of energy.

Your friends and family don't 100% understand or support your business, and you're seeking a community of coaches who not only get you, but are also testing, implementing, and evaluating processes in their business as well. 

You love your offer for the most part, but feels like it's lacking some clarity and structure, and you're not sure if the messaging is coming off crystal clear to your most aligned clients, based on who you've been attracting.


*soul revival journey

warning: may create ripple effects of mind-bending, time-collapsing, systems-breaking magic in your business

enter: Magicmind.

is your own beliefs + lack of personalized strategy.

the only thing that's holding you back from $10K months

there's no secret sauce methodology.

YOU are the secret sauce.

How willing are you to test, execute, and evaluate until you have your ultimate recipe?

Here's what we'll focus on in Magicmind:

Here's the thing...

Your business isn't just built by your thoughts, it thrives through partnering with your unique brain, energy, feeling into somatic (bodily) responses to make guided decisions, and being led by your soul purpose- the very reason you are alive. 
And likely if you are on this invite page, your business isn't just a nice-to-have hobby, it is your life's work. You feel in your SOUL you are meant to do this work and share this medicine with your people. You got a taste and can't imagine life without it. 
I am going to teach you how to blend the 3 to create the most joyful and prosperous business.

1. Mind body soul work. [results from the inside out]

We're meeting 3x a month for 6 months doing some serious work together along with monthly focus calls to hone in on either selling, marketing, or belief. Think: Tiffany as a magical fairy- deep diving into your business, helping you cleanse and clear what isn't aligned, and zooming into aligned action & belief work to see results.

What got you your first clients won't get you to 6 figures. You will know what to believe, what custom marketing + sales strategies work for you, and learn how to make CEO decisions- all while making money in your business!

You will walk away forever changed and OWN what you created.

3. Decolonizing your business with love. 

2. We will create your custom map to 6 figures.

We all reek of supremacy systems- patriarchy, hierarchy, capitalism, you name it. This has bled into our business too.

Anytime we think we need to show up “more professional” or we need to “hustle harder” or “just find a better strategy to DO MORE” or think “If I just get one more course it'll save me!” and “I feel shameful because I should be further along”

we give away more and more of our power.

I will teach you to build radical self trust with yourself, the Spirit of Your Business, and the Universe to have your back and create massive results in your business AND the delicious, slow, permission to rest by releasing old stories taught to us by societal conditioning.

You will also step into money manifestation work and releasing the stories that have demonized money or created scarcity beliefs. We will do work around these lingering beliefs and so you can make room for your most abundant self.

If this doesn't leave you salivating for more, I'm not sure what will.

application  for the
October 2023 class

apply now!

You desire a business that feels flowy, free, and gives you OPTIONS and a bank account that feels abundant on the daily.

Spirit of Your Business says: DONE.

Hi, I'm Tiffany.

Turns out, my business chose me.

Not let's-turn-you-into-a-more-'professional'-version of you

But, me. As I am today.

It's also why your business chose you.

When I became a coach, I was convinced (because of how often I saw it all around me) that in order to be successful, I needed to:

  • be extremely organized (I have ADHD and do things my way)

  • hustle extremely hard (I build my business to half a million dollars as a college student and single mom with FLOW)

  • have a set routine (the only routine I keep is sleeping in til noon)

I want you to know it is possible- and SO much more magnetic- to build a business being exactly who you are. 

The perked up, 'professional', conforming version of you will come to this Mastermind to die. 

And emerging from the ashes will be you, unfiltered. The version of yourself you came here to be. 

not-so-humble-brag (because wins DESERVE to be celebrated)

  • after hitting $100,000 in 8 months, I hit another $100,000 in the 4 months following. I ended my FIRST YEAR in business at $250,000

  • my first launch ever was $45,000 and every launch after has been 5-figures+

  • I've sold nearly $1Million in sales revenue in under 3 years

  • I've helped hundreds of clients launch their businesses and helped them grow sustainably AND joyfully

  • I've sold out my programs, gotten fully booked, and created an always-ready-to-buy audience without sales funnels, ads, and sometimes without sales pages.

  • Beyond money goals, my clients often tell me that my coaching has "led them home to themselves", they are able to put their kids in extra curricular activities, and finally take the vacation they wanted.

    Wealth looks however you define it, and Magicmind isn't just about creating your journey to 6 figures, it's about creating priceless moments you didn't even KNOW you needed.

YOUR six figures won't come from a perfectly aesthetic feed, $10K followers, or hiring a copywriter. 

Your six figures will come when you trust and honor the magic within.

When you take BIG, massive action that's rooted in conviction for your vision. 

When you are committed to experimenting, implementing, evaluating, and repeating.

Luckily for you, I've cleared my schedule from October 2023 - February 2024 just to be in your corner, with me inside your business.

Think of it as hiring me as your Chief Belief + Marketing + Sales Officer

Magicmind's mind-body-soul values:

When mind-body-soul come together harmoniously to build a sustainable business, your success is inevitable. 

This is what we will embody in our 5 month journey:

- your thoughts create your reality
- reprogram outdated beliefs
- create beliefs that serve your Highest Good

- reconnect with your body's natural guidance
- make business decisions based on intuition
- live based on your human design authority 

- live out your soul's purpose (your dharma)
- allow your mission to evolve
- connect with the medicine only YOU can share for your people

"AND I get PAID for this!?!?!!?"

you will create experiences in your business that make you ask:

application  for the
October 2023 class

take me to the app!

this is for you if:

- feel drawn to this container, period. your soul knows. trust it. it's not always in a happy, high vibe way. it might feel big and scary. massive transformations typically do.

- you have done some energy work / money work / have begun building your business and want to create a 6 figure business

- you are an online coach / teacher / mentor and work with clients

- you are willing to see business beyond the 'proven strategies' and tap into your unique energy, thoughts, & mindset

- you desire to feel safe, abundant and free with money

- you desire to build a spiritual connection with your business

- you are a generational curse breaker and are creating a new paradigm for your lineage 

- you are ready to make a shit ton of money but not through a 'get rich quick' mindset -- you're willing to do the inner work 

you're a soul-aligned fit if...

  • You want to feel confident talking about your offer, but your head is flooded with opinions and teachings from a variety of online gurus that conflict one another…

    …and it results in you feeling sure of your magic one day, and confused the next, thinking "wait, do I need to learn about funnels now?!" and therefore unsure of how to even talk about it online to attract clients

  • You’ve heard your intuition speak here and there in your life, but when you need it the most, you feel like your intuition goes radio silent and you wonder how some coaches are so in tune with their intuition and the Spirit of their Business to create results.

  • You want to feel FREE & EFFORTLESS in your business, but you've been stuck doing a bunch of “shoulds”, burning out with strategies from gurus,

but if you were reaaaally honest with yourself, it’s not 100% aligned to how you want your business to feel and you're wondering where you're going wrong 

(hint: you're not the problem, it's neurotypical, wounded masculine, corporate marketing culture in society that isn't designed for personal coaches/instructors who want to share their purpose like you!

  • You want to have a CLEAR understanding of why your clients hire you, how you help them create results, and create a unique marketing + sales process that works

  • You want to sell knowing you are IN DEMAND and desire to create waitlists of people dying to work with you because you know it is so possible.

  • YOU KNOW there is a reality that is WAY more abundant for you that's out there right now and you're ready to fling open the floodgates to receive.

Aaron joined Magicmind as a Budget Coach (she's also a psychic medium!) 

She desired to work on her messaging in her marketing to speak to her most aligned clients.

She's shifting from 1-1 into a course and already has 8 students at a $1K price point!

What used to feel draining and confusing now feels lighter and more intentional. 

Aaron shares "I decided to give my all to the Marketing May challenge. I posted to my stories almost daily and allowed my intuition and inspiration to lead me in what to post. I listened to Tiffany's marketing videos a couple of times, took notes on them, and applied them."

The result? 

"I signed 6 clients in May and start working with them 1:1 next week!" 


mind. blowing. When you know how to make $10K, each time you make it, it becomes faster AND easier.

"I couldn't have done this without Magicmind." she shares in our #celebrationstation channel on Slack. 

here's Aaron's story

"I couldn't have done this without Magicmind." - Aaron

Between December-June she created a total of $11,000 cash collected. 

She shared with me "August is about to be a $20K month for me."

We created a clear and streamlined way for her to show up for her audience, making it clear SHE knew where they were struggling, and offering a solution to help. 

create + execute your unique $10K month process

harmoniously surrender to your mind, body, and soul

finally honor & partner with your unique brain and energy

learn to make sales & marketing logic-defying, magnetic, and EFFORTLESS

feel abundant and create a joyful, thriving business being authentically YOU

Through Magicmind,
you will...

what Celeste had to say about Tiffany's coaching

Tiff joined Magicmind after making $5K, then taking a few months off before fully re-committing to her coaching business.

She decided to join Magicmind and invested the $10K in full.

Here's the thing. When you learn how to make 10K, it becomes faster and easier each time.

When you sign your first client for $1K, it will seem like the MOST MONEY IN THE WORLD. 

Until you sign your first client at $5K. Then $10K, and more demand = more sales, all at once. 

You learn to hold it ALL.

here's Tiff L.'s story

Tiff made her money back in the container!

When you align your mind, body and soul and take responsibility for your results, you open yourself as a portal that abundance flows through.

Growing your coaching business does NOT need to feel like it's 'never going to take off'

Inside Magicmind, we set the standard of OWNING our results, every. single. time.

1 payment of


Payment Plan

2 payments of


let's go!

Pay in Full

Access to the private Slack workspace for 24/7 coaching + peer support

Magicmind will forever change the trajectory of your business.

here's what you get:

an in-person event in the Bay Area, an in person LIVE 3-day event, followed by Live coaching calls for 6 months!

Have Tiffany in your corner helping your business to grow to 6 figures and beyond with the magicmind processes!

application  for the
October 2023 class

I'm ready!!

"Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, I chose you because only YOU have what I want to bring this magic to life."

message from the Spirit of Your Business:

a sneak peek into
 Magicmind's Celebration Station!

1 payment of


Payment Plan

2 payments of


apply here!

Pay in Full

You are worthy of building a decolonized business.

Inside Magicmind, we will release old stories and beliefs about business, making money, and who your identity is-- and redesign it from the ground up.

The Spirit of Your Business chose you to be it's partner. 

It wants you because nobody else has what you have.

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the Magicmind since you're on the waitlist and you like to be in the know cause you're my type of person!

frequently asked questions


6 full months, October 2023-March 2024.

We will kick it off with an in-person 3-Day training october 5th, 6th, and 7th in
oakland, ca.

How long is Magicmind?

Applications will be open
Thursday, September 14th - 19th for the October 2023 class.

When do applications open for Magicmind?

Magicmind is an advanced mastermind container for coaches, healers, online instructors & mentors.

You will create a custom map to creating the money YOU desire in your business and become an expert in selling and organic marketing to YOUR unique audience for YOUR unique offer.

Our focuses are: deconditioning from patriarchy/capitalism/wounded hustle, creating intentional beliefs, clear marketing, and compelling sales. This process is what turns on the faucet to CASH.

You will be expected to show up and make decisions as your highest self. You will be held to a higher expectation than any container you've been in before, and mark my words, it WILL create massive results in your business.

You are not just a coach that got lucky or had "fluke" results. You will have full clarity on your business.

You're stepping into this room to become an abundant + confident CEO.

What will be covered inside Magicmind?

Let's make something really crystal clear.

You will be joining Magicmind not to access my brain, my energy, or my wisdom.

You will be joining Magicmind to access YOUR brain. YOUR energy. YOUR wisdom. YOUR direction. YOUR inner guidance. YOUR magic!

This is not another mastermind where you are paying to ‘pick my brain’. Yes, sure. I teach tons of things that'll massively blow your mind and uplevel your sales revenue and business.

However, the REAL embodiment occurs when you are guided to access an inner wisdom within yourself (the basis of my coaching)- when you strengthen your inner compass, your decision making skills, and ability to deeply care for your mind, body, and spirit. THIS is what creates generational change.

We will be approaching business through:
- strengthening the mind (thought work & reframing subconscious beliefs)
- dropping into your body (somatics, regulating your nervous system, connecting to your inner wisdom)
- honoring your spirit (consulting and partnering with the Spirit of Your Business, your spirit guides, and through manifestation)

We will be actively decolonizing and de-conditioning traditional wounded masculine rules of business.
We WILL be working hard and implementing structure, processes, and strategy.

But we will NOT be doing it in the name of self-betrayal, for the sake of productivity, for capitalistic values, or to burn ourselves into the ground.

You will meet yourself in a way that'll change you forever.
You've never seen it done this way before.

What are Magicmind's values?

1. Between September 14th-19th, you will send your application in.

2.  We will send you an acceptance email if you've been selected!

3. The acceptance letter will include a secret link to hop on a sales call with me so you can ask questions, discuss intentions for Magicmind and ensure it's the RIGHT move for you & your business.

4. After the call, you will have 48 hours at most to pay the $10K in full OR first installment ($5000) of the 2-pay payment plan.

*The 48 hour deadline is strict to keep this process flowing easily and ensure everyone who is serious about a seat at this table gets one.

What is the process to be accepted?

You must decide to get what you came for. 

You will get 3 Live Calls each month, 1 Focus Group Call each month, and you are able to set up peer coaching calls with your peers anytime throughout the Mastermind. 

On our private Slack workspace, you can ask for coaching anytime! You will be supported in this container. You will even receive the coaching you need without raising your hands on the calls, and just watching the call replays back or reading the coaching on Slack.

You will ALWAYS get exactly what you need when you decide.

How much support will I receive inside Magicmind?

The investment to Magicmind is $10K.

The only payment plan available will be 2 payments of $5000.

*If you'd like to secure your spot for the next round and start a longer payment plan in advance, shoot me a message!

What is the energetic investment?

Magicmind is a mastermind container designed by a woman of color for women of color. A mastermind setting means you won't just be coached by me like in a regular group coaching setting, you will be coached & supported by every magical soul selected to enter this space. Conversations and coaching will look DIFFERENT here.

This is the elevated level that takes you into 6 figures, cleans up your processes, keeps things simple in your business, removes any blockages or resistance (logistically and mindset-wise), and brings you home to yourself.

You will become so sure of who you are, and who you are becoming.

I wanted an intimate container who is ALL IN in their business that would meet weekly who wants me in their corner holding them accountable, pointing out blind spots to fast-track your success, & sharing my behind-the-scenes launch secrets, flowy magic, sacred structure, and teach you to turn on the faucet for sales.

If you desire to make six figures in 2023, this is the room to be in right here.

🌟 Why did you create Magicmind?🌟