you don't need more time, followers, or knowledge to create a 6 figure coaching business

you just need an aligned strategy and a dose of

self trust

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more about tiff

more about tiff

hi there!

I'm Tiffany.

business activation coach for witchy women of color who desire a 6 figure+ coaching business

3 years and nearly $1Million dollars in revenue ago, the pandemic hit and I lost my day job as a single mom and  college student working 3 jobs, already living under the poverty line with my daughter.

Not knowing a thing about the coaching industry, but with LOTS of gusto, marketing experience, and courage to take a huge leap, I decided to launch my very own coaching business. 

With tons of trial and error (emphasis on the error), mindset reframing, inner healing work and too many spiritual awakenings to count, I launched Business Activation Academy to help others launch the coaching business of their dreams.

Now, I also lead Magicmind Mastermind, a 6 month business mastermind for coaches to make 6 figures through aligned strategy and business energetics.

I became the host of the Social Reset Podcast, a podcast for coaches and coaches-in-the-making who desire to make money (joyfully, without the hustle) in their businesses.

For the kids that always talked way too much in school, the eldest daughter of immigrants (like me), the black sheep of the family, yet with a heart of gold and BIG dreams that nobody understood...

you made it. you're in the right place.

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“Before working with Tiffany, I was operating in true wounded masculine energy. I was able own my magic, implement an aligned sales strategy, and now have a booked out coaching program!”

-tabitha f.

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Social Reset Podcast

It’s time to own your unique Secret Sauce and create the life of your dreams by launching your coaching business!

Discover why tens of thousands of coaches look to Tiffany Cheung to launch an aligned coaching business.

Featured on Forbes, Manifestation Babe, Yahoo! Finance, Girlboss, among others, Tiffany empowers coaches to step into the highest, most aligned versions of themselves and build a successful 6 figure+ coaching business.

food stamps to multi 6 figure entrepreneur: How i reclaimed my power.

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the 5 stages your clients take before hiring you

social reset podcast

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