You’ve arrived, activated CEO.


Business Activation Academy.

welcome home to your business.

Business Activation Academy is an online course + weekly group coaching container for new coaches like YOU to discover, build, and sell your first offer with EASE.

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Business Activation Academy is the only program you'll need to help discover, build, and sell the f*ck out of your unique kind of magic.

An activated business is your birthright.

That little tinge you get when you see someone on social media celebrate yet another business win...

 or when the 1 person in the world who knows about your secret desire to be a coach asks "so when are you launching your business?"

....ends here.

This program was quite literally designed for you.

Ready to detox from the systems of supremacy that have held you back for years?

You CAN build an aligned, intuitive, activated business, even if you’ve struggled to do so in the past. And, since you’re here, you just got one step closer.

It’s your time to decide:
Are you going to be the person who spends their life wishing for something more, or are you going to be the person who MAKES. IT. HAPPEN. It’s up to you.


Feelin’ those butterflies yet?

Drop the conditioning of 'hustle mentality' you once had to build a pleasurable business where you effortless book dream clients?

Are you ready to...

Are you ready to gain confidence and clarity by learning to get booked out all while getting coached each week by Tiffany?

What about this:

Your entire life, you’ve wanted something more for yourself.

More than your day job. More than going through the motions and waking up each morning feeling unmotivated os stuck.

You are in the right place. You've BEEN ready to discover, build, and sell your signature offer as a new coach.

Let me guess…

You are a disruptor. Your soul yearns for more.

and the BAA doors are open, just for you. 

You are wanted here and led here
by the spirit of your business.

You’re the type of person who challenges the status quo, and that’s why you’re the perfect person for BAA.

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Hi! I'm Tiffany. In 2020 and nearly half a million dollars in revenue ago, the pandemic hit and I lost my day job. Not knowing a thing about the coaching industry, but with LOTS of gusto and some ginormous balls, I decided to launch my very own coaching business. 

With tons of trial and error, mindset reframing, inner work, and lessons learned, I created Business Activation Academy: for the coach that couldn't play by the rules even if they wanted to. 

For the kids that always talked way too much in school, had to go rogue each chance they got, the black sheep of the family, yet with a heart of gold and BIG fuckin' dreams...

you made it. you're in the right place.

Meet your coach!

tiffany cheung
the business activation coach

Through BAA, you will...

hone your coaching skills and work with your first paid clients

create unwavering belief in yourself, your coaching offer, and your clients 

build your own program with BAA's one-of-a-kind process, fueled by your magic and results of your own trial and error

learn to create content online by: (1) regulating your nervous system and doesn’t send you spinning into a trauma response (2) allows you to book clients, effortlessly

learn how to have your own back regardless of the decision, evaluate your process and grow immensely as a new coach

Using my signature Align – Awaken – Activate framework, you’ll access BAA's key modules:

Here’s how it works…



- create unwavering belief in yourself, your offer, and your clients

- deconstruct limiting beliefs about business and money

- set intentions for the Academy

- envision your client's desired transformation matched with your magical skills

-  uncover your unique secret sauce and  aligned client avatar

o  BONUS: Access the updated Secret Sauce Activation Masterclass!

- partner with the
spirit of your business 

- detox from supremacy systems that have kept you small and discover YOUR voice

- claim your core brand values to build a rock-solid, ethical foundation


embody your secret sauce

sovereignty in business

align your mind




- design a dynamic coaching offer using BAA’s exclusive 7-step process

- attract + start working with your first beta clients!

o BONUS: Access the beta client feedback tracker!

- deeply understand your Client Brain

- learn how to price your program and when to raise your prices

- how to handle client objections

- learn the signature sales call method

o BONUS: Downloadable BAA Sales Scripts to help you sell in the DMs with ease

design your
magical offer

BAA sales system

launch your offer

- get your offer off the ground and in front of your aligned audience

- take the feedback from beta clients to work with PAID clients

- refine your offer + coaching skills

- personalize your launch plan YOUR way

Did I mention you get weekly, LIVE calls for coaching through all of this? 

BAA is like a personalized roadmap to your wildest dreams.

here's what you get the moment you join:

Weekly group coaching calls with me, every week on Wednesdays! 

Access to the private BAA Facebook group for 24/7 coaching + community

Lifetime access to the Business Activation Academy online course (& updates!)

what’s possible for one is possible for ALL

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You can decide- today- that you are ready to stop playing hard to get with your business. Your comfort zone won't get you to your 2022 vision.

You have been chosen by the spirit of your business

You have a vision for 2022. It might feel unclear, but it still gives you butterflies.

Nobody can teach this offer the way you can. Everything you've been taught to feel shame around are actually your superpowers.

and will result in a "I LOVED that you brought this up. I've been so drawn to your content and energy. How can I work with you as my coach?!" 

it's not rocket science. it's not far away. it's not just a fantasy.

Just read what past BAA grads are saying about their experience:

You can have it all, babe. It CAN happen for you!


You are worthy of true fulfilment. You are deserving of unlimited joy. Let me help you get there with BAA.

Inside Business Activation Academy, you’ll find out what it means to truly have your own back as a business owner.

So, what do you say?

You don’t need an exit plan. You just need to trust yourself.

2022 is my year

Still have some questions?
Read through for some answers!

frequently asked questions


What is an activated business? 

An *activated* business is one that is aligned, and doesn't just look magical on the outside, it feels magical and is sustainable on the inside. An activated business is led by integrity, full of heart, and powered by flow. An activated business incorporates manifestation techniques and subconscious reprogramming, the integration of your unique human design to take action, and showing up in integrity 100% of the time as CEO to effortlessly attract aligned clients and build a sustainable business.
An activated business is your birthright.

Why BAA and not other business building programs?

 BAA is different than any other program on the market for one simple reason: It’s unique to YOU. Not only will you spend the next 11 weeks creating your own signature offer the way YOU want to, but you’ll also get allll the insider tips and tricks of the trade from someone who’s done it already (PS - they’re not what you might think). 

The reason BAA is different is because it is a new kind of strategy. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits all strategy that promises success the way someone else did it while absolutely exhausting your energy. This program incorporates tools like manifestation, feminine flow (not just the doing, but the BEing), and Human Design to help you utilize your unique gifts and abilities. Matched with the proven framework I used to go from 0 to $200K+ within a year, BAA will allow you to achieve YOUR version of success and reprogram your subconscious mind into not only attracting but receiving your wildest dreams. Not only will you learn the foundational skills of being your best, most activated CEO self, but you will walk away with the tools to create a sustainable, scalable, fulfilling business that aligns with your values and holds infinite possibilities for growth.

I have never worked with clients before but I want to be a coach, is BAA a good fit for me?

BAA was designed FOR you! BAA will equip you with the tools you need to be an Activated CEO in your business, and you will walk away with all the tools you need to show up in alignment in your business, work through the mindset shifts, and market like a pro. 

As a disclaimer, BAA is not a coaching certification- it is here to help you create, market, and launch your signature offer. Depending on your coaching expertise, you may want to look into additional coaching certifications as a life coach, health coach, etc. 

I am not a coach, but I am interested in doing the inner work, marketing my services, and learning to build a fulfilling business. Will BAA fit somebody like me?

Although BAA is created for coaches-to-be and current coaches, there is still SO much value on tapping into your human design in business, making intuitive decisions, learning how to market your services on Instagram, and operating in integrity and feminine flow to build a wildly fulfilling and sustainable business. (not to mention an INCREDIBLE community of like-minded, magical souls) If you are feeling drawn towards this program and its perks for one reason or another, there must be a reason. Feel into that! You will know if its right.

I want to build a program, however, I'm not interested in the energetics or the inner healing work that's included. Should I still be a part of BAA? 

BAA's core values are built upon activation. Activating your soul and your energetic body by doing the mindset reprogramming, subconscious shifts, and uncovering your unique human design (your energetic blueprint) is crucial in building a fulfilling and sustainable business, especially if you haven't experienced that yet with other methods. Too often, I see business owners holding back on their potential and blocking their own success due to the lack of commitment to healing and subconscious work, which is why it is interwoven throughout this entire program. If you're looking for a program that teaches you to just build a program without the activation, you can find a variety of others on the market.

"I FINALLY crafted an action plan to do things that were in alignment with what felt good to ME. Before, I was on the content creation hamster wheel and working 7 days a week. Now, I built my business with an aligned signature offer, stepped up as a true Activated CEO, working 4 days/week, building my team and hitting consistent $10k+ months!

- Ken

Here’s what Ken has to say about their journey:

So, are you ready to change your life?