Wake up, trailblazer. The business of your wildest f*cking dreams is calling you. BAA will help you get there.

Business Activation Academy (BAA) is an 11-week, industry-disrupting program created for the seriously motivated, ultra intuitive, hyped-up-af online coach who is ready for more.

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You’ve arrived,

scroll into your dreams

Business Activation Academy is your next-level program to help you build, activate, and sell the f*ck out of your unique kind of magic.

the activation method

No matter which journey you choose, let it be the one that brings you home to yourself. There is no wrong way to build YOUR business - this is where you trust yourself.

Need more details before taking the leap? Explore what each module has to offer below!
Each module with a star is the week a group call takes place ;)




phase 1 - align

Module 1: Align Your Mind

Align your beliefs (shadow work) and energy (human design) so you can start building your offer as the kickass 6-figure version of yourself. 

Module 2: Remember Your Soul’s Calling

Discover what makes you, you. Uncover your Secret Sauce and Aligned Client Avatar to tell you who you’re meant to serve & how you’re meant to serve them, and tie it all together with killer brand values & messaging.

Module 3: Bottle Your Magic

Map out and create your wildly aligned signature offer, and start working with beta clients as the business owner you’ve always dreamt of being.




Module 4: Awaken Your Inner Coach

Become an ethical, innovative, and effective coach who knows how to elevate their clients into their most embodied version of themselves (rather than shaming them out of alignment!)

Module 5: [Implementation Week] Feminine Embodiment 

Embody your divine feminine energy this week and go fully into flow. Learn how to trust that inner knowing & surrender to its lead.

Module 6: Magnetic Marketing

Market your offer using the most empowering, client-serving strategies out there. These are my go-to techniques for building trust with my people.

phase 2- awaken




Module 7: Soulful Sales

Sell your activated offer with ease and ethics. Learn how to conduct sales calls, master manifestation, and embody your next-level CEO self. Can’t wait to teach you the *one-call-close* ;)

Module 8: IG Activation Guide

Show up on social media with a delicious balance of feminine flow and proven, effective strategy. (expect aligned clients to be banging down your door)

Module 9: Activated CEO

Level up to your most Activated CEO self. We’re talking about what separates the 1% from the 99% (hint: anyone can do it!). Learn about accountability, what failure actually is and isn’t, and how to ensure your inevitable success.

phase 3- activate

Did you get the warm and fuzzies?

I say it’s a sign. 

Get ready to activate the business you’ve been dreaming of and make it a full-on reality!



Module 10: Community Cultivation

Build the most loyal and engaged community you’ll ever have. This is where you learn how to serve your people & make sure you show up for them the way they deserve. They won’t be able to get enough.

Module 11: Celebration Week

Celebrate your massive success and lock-in this next-level you with a BAA graduation ceremony and a f*cking PARTY. Because yes, you really did that.

phase 3- activate

There are TWO ways to get in on the BAA magic: The high-energy group program, and the amazingly grounded self-paced option. 

Okay, so here’s the deets:

Each has its perks, and the perfect thing about having two choices is you get to choose the option that’s aligned with YOU. 


The BAA Experience
[ VIP group program]

You're here to tap into your divine infiniteness.

- 6 biweekly deep-dive group calls (hello, hot-seat coaching & super secret bonus content!)

- membership to a top-tier private FB group with live Q&As

If you want the FULL BAA Experience with the biggest transformation, a high vibe community + coaching from Tiffany, you're won't want to pass up this investment into your future ;)


[self learning]

Choose your own journey, waymaker. 

- access to all 11 modules

- membership to a top-tier private FB group with live Q&As

- access to the Feminine Flow Implementation Week and the Celebration Week calls, because let’s be real, you do NOT want to miss out on those.

You’re meant for this option if you thrive in independent, spacious environments where you call the shots. If freedom is what you’re craving, it’s yours right here.

I'm ALL IN!!!

Say less, I'm In!

pay in full - $5555

pay in full - $3333

I am meant for MORE!

2 payments - $3055

I'm taking the leap!

2 payments - $1833

An activated business is your birthright.

Say “bye, b*tch!” to the never-ending frustration and existential overwhelm that comes with building an aligned business in a dramatically un-aligned world.

If you’re here, you’ve got something different inside of you.

Something made of magic, something that no one else has, and something that this world needs desperately.

This program was made for you.

If you’re the type of person who gets sick to their stomach thinking about alllll the ridiculous, no-good, manipulative ways of building an online business, keep reading.

I have some news for you.

You CAN build an aligned, intuitive, activated business, even if you’ve struggled to do so in the past. And, since you’re here, you just got one step closer.

Are you going to be the person who spends their life wishing for something more, or are you going to be the person who MAKES. IT. HAPPEN. It’s up to you… 

I Choose More

It's your time to decide.

You’ve always dreamt of a BIG life. Like, every dream you’ve ever had was scary af, and no one ever took it seriously - but that didn’t stop you from dreaming.

Feel familiar?

Let me know if I’ve got this right:

You’re the type of person who values self-growth and individual progress, probably more than anyone else you’ve ever met.

Am I getting warmer? Yes? I know I am.

What about this:

Your entire life, you’ve wanted something more for yourself.

More than the day job. More than the 9-5.

And DEFINITELY more than the wake-up-exhuasted-chug-coffee-work-till-you’re-dead-never-stop-hustling-wash-rinse-repeat lifestyle so many people are comfortable with. 

Let me guess…

Whew, I’m exhausted just typing that

You are a disruptor.

And babe, the BAA doors are opening just for you.

You are wanted here.

You’re the type of person who challenges the status quo, and that’s why you’re the perfect person for BAA.

Say "Yes" to More

BAA is like a personalized roadmap to your wildest dreams.

So, you know the why (change your d*mn life, duh) - but let’s get into the how.

Throughout each of the 11 weeks, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in my foolproof methods for taking your business into the stratosphere.

You know, the methods that brought me to $200k+ in my first year? Yeah, those ones. ;)

Each module is overflowing with the juicy combination of feminine intuitive flow and divine masculine alignment… can you say ‘yum’?

You’ll not only develop the mindset and perspective of a top-earning CEO, but also learn how to stay grounded in and accountable to your unique values, desires, and needs.

That’s what being an Activated CEO is all about.

what’s possible for one is possible for ALL

See How Its Going

How it Started for Arielle:

How It's Going:

And 8 Months Later?

8 Months Later...

I Want This!

See How Its Going

How it Started for Ken:

I Want This!

How It's Going:

The version of you that is living their wildest & craziest dreams.

BAA is designed to bring you back to your truest self.

BAA is designed to bring you through a journey from the person you’re being now, to the person you’re meant to be. 

The biggest lesson in entrepreneurship is learning to trust your intuition and knowing you’ve got your back. BAA is your opportunity to start the process.

You know, the version of you that KNOWS their worth, their genius, and their magic.

The version of you that feels certain of their path, their choices, and their desires.

Just see for yourself what those who came before you have to say:

You can have it all, babe. It CAN happen for you!

Take the Leap

In a few months, it could be you receiving these messages...

This is where your life changes.

This is where you start a new chapter, turn the page, and kick off with a BANG.

This is where everything you’ve been struggling with in your business becomes easy & FUN.

Where your fears and insecurities transform into your greatest strengths, and your unique form of genius becomes what you’re known for.

This is where you become who you’re meant to be.

You have always been meant for more, and more is waiting for you in the portal that is BAA.

Claim Your More

You’ve arrived here, at this exact moment, because your soul KNOWS what’s next for you.

Where I come from, coincidence is just a fancy way of saying “meant to be”.

You are meant to be here, beautiful. 

Still have some questions?
Read through for some answers!

frequently asked questions


What is an activated business? 

An *activated* business is one that is aligned, and doesn't just look magical on the outside, it feels magical and is sustainable on the inside. An activated business is led by integrity, full of heart, and powered by flow. An activated business incorporates manifestation techniques and subconscious reprogramming, the integration of your unique human design to take action, and showing up in integrity 100% of the time as CEO to effortlessly attract aligned clients and build a sustainable business.
An activated business is your birthright.

Why BAA and not other business building programs?

 BAA is different than any other program on the market for one simple reason: It’s unique to YOU. Not only will you spend the next 11 weeks creating your own signature offer the way YOU want to, but you’ll also get allll the insider tips and tricks of the trade from someone who’s done it already (PS - they’re not what you might think). 

The reason BAA is different is because it is a new kind of strategy. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits all strategy that promises success the way someone else did it while absolutely exhausting your energy. This program incorporates tools like manifestation, feminine flow (not just the doing, but the BEing), and Human Design to help you utilize your unique gifts and abilities. Matched with the proven framework I used to go from 0 to $200K+ within a year, BAA will allow you to achieve YOUR version of success and reprogram your subconscious mind into not only attracting but receiving your wildest dreams. Not only will you learn the foundational skills of being your best, most activated CEO self, but you will walk away with the tools to create a sustainable, scalable, fulfilling business that aligns with your values and holds infinite possibilities for growth.

I have never worked with clients before but I want to be a coach, is BAA a good fit for me?

BAA was designed FOR you! BAA will equip you with the tools you need to be an Activated CEO to create + launch your offer. You will walk away with all the tools you need to show up intentionally, work through the mindset shifts, even work with your first clients and sell out your offer with EASE. 

Feel free to supplement BAA with a certification in your unique secret sauce
 (which you will uncover in the Academy!) ;)

I am not a coach, but I am interested in doing the inner work, marketing my services, and learning to build a fulfilling business. Will BAA fit somebody like me?

Although BAA is created for coaches-to-be and current coaches, there is still SO much value on tapping into your human design in business, making intuitive decisions, learning how to market your services on Instagram, and operating in integrity and feminine flow to build a wildly fulfilling and sustainable business. (not to mention an INCREDIBLE community of like-minded, magical souls) If you are feeling drawn towards this program and its perks for one reason or another, there must be a reason. Feel into that! You will know if its right.

I want to build a program, however, I'm not interested in the energetics or the inner healing work that's included. Should I still be a part of BAA? 

BAA's core values are built upon activation. Activating your soul and your energetic body by doing the mindset reprogramming, subconscious shifts, and uncovering your unique human design (your energetic blueprint) is crucial in building a fulfilling and sustainable business, especially if you haven't experienced that yet with other methods. Too often, I see business owners holding back on their potential and blocking their own success due to the lack of commitment to healing and subconscious work, which is why it is interwoven throughout this entire program. If you're looking for a program that teaches you to just build a program without the activation, you can find a variety of others on the market.

"I FINALLY crafted an action plan to do things that were in alignment with what felt good to ME. Before, I was on the content creation hamster wheel and working 7 days a week. Now, I built my business with an aligned signature offer, stepped up as a true Activated CEO, working 4 days/week, building my team and hitting consistent $10k+ months!

Here’s what Ken has to say about their journey:

So, are you ready to change your life?

I Say Yes

listen to
your intuition & take the leap.

Take some time and space to listen to your body & tune in to your intuition. 

Doors close August 20th!

Your quantum leap is waiting on YOU to say yes.

Questions? DM me @tiffanycheung.co on Instagram or email: hello@tiffanycheung.co

After all, your intuition knows best, but you gotta tell it when it's GO TIME. ;)

I’m saying YES!

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