Episode #12: The BIGGEST Lessons I Learned in my Quantum Leap (Hitting $200K in my First Year!)


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April 19, 2021

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I celebrated $200,000 of revenue in my business recently. And it’s only the first freakin’ year! I started out looking to manifest $100,000, but the universe looked on and said, “Let’s double that right now, shall we?”

I couldn’t wait to record this episode to give back and share the abundance. I dove into the juiciest tips, secret strategies, and lessons that I’ve learned in this first year of business. From my beliefs about success and my money mindset to things I had to understand or let go of, and limiting beliefs I needed to destroy, I shared them all.  I want to share with you so you will be inspired to activate your dreams. I also hope to remind you that with the law of oneness, what is possible for one is possible for all.


Find out how matching the masculine and feminine energies in my business allowed me to experience this insanely fulfilling success in my life, and achieve this hugely satisfying milestone in my business.

Looking back at April 2020 when I first started taking on paying clients, I was a completely different person from who I am today. Like any new business owner, I was scared, lost, scattered, and in desperate need of help. I was constantly plagued by doubts, and of course imposter syndrome. Even though I knew that I had the skills and experience to help my clients, it took time, inspired action, and a lot of positive affirmations for me to start to gain confidence in the fact that I could do this; that I could attract the right clients.

I gave myself permission to experiment, to fall, to keep trying again, and then pick myself up over and over. When you start to rethink and reframe how you see failure, you will be more willing to allow yourself to experiment until you succeed. I really believe that failure only happens when we throw in the towel and stop trying.

I spoke at length about the invaluable benefit of having someone who has gone ahead of you and done the experimentation to share their experiences and insights with you. Having mentors and coaches was such a game-changer in my life and business, and it’s exactly why I love showing up for my clients…especially since I coach based on each one’s unique human design.

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