Episode #13: The Scoop on Angel Numbers (Messages from the Universe)

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April 26, 2021

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I’ve been getting tons of questions about angel numbers since I began posting them on my Instagram Stories. Questions like “What do the numbers 111, 222, or 888 mean? And what about the ones that don’t fall within the repeating numbers? Does 888 really stand for financial abundance?”

In this episode, I explained what angel numbers mean, how you can start to see them, what it means when I see them and how I interpret circumstances around them. I also expounded on my signature angel number, what it means for me and how seeing it has influenced my decision making, including a $15,000 investment.


If you try to see angel numbers and find nothing, don’t panic. Not seeing them does not necessarily mean you are out of alignment or that something’s wrong. The universe speaks to us uniquely and in many different ways. I shared examples of how the universe communicates with some of my closest friends using their special signs to hopefully help you understand how different it can be for everyone. So rest assured that the universe has got your back, whether it’s through angel numbers or some other way that is in perfect alignment with you.

You’ve probably heard me point out in previous episodes that the energy with which you try to manifest your dreams to reality is the key to whether you succeed or not. Someone who approaches their manifestation by asking for permission from the universe or desperately begging and pleading to their guide for help is going to receive radically different results from the person who confidently declares what they want, with the right energy, and then asks for assistance from their guides to make it a reality. The same principle applies to how you ask to see angel numbers.

Being able to recognize and confidently use your angel numbers will take time and practice. When I first started seeing mine, it took a while before I understood what was going on (and that I wasn’t going absolutely crazy!). Once I got into the practice of looking out for them, I became more confident in recognizing when the universe was speaking to me or responding to my questions. I have now had countless situations where the universe used my angel numbers to both confirm and affirm my decisions when I needed it the most.

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