Episode #15: $200K Lessons: “Success Neglect Syndrome” And Fulfillment Before the Milestone

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May 10, 2021

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Many of us work so hard to manifest specific goals into reality, but when we do get there, we zoom right past and keep pursuing goal after goal without stopping to bask in what we’ve accomplished. 
I’m sure you’ve heard from a recent episode or my Instagram that I hit $200K in my business within a year. While this undoubtedly came with a lot to celebrate, it also came with so many emotions that honestly shocked me! Guilt, shame, and just the realization that I couldn’t even celebrate this win.
In this episode, I unpacked the reasons behind these feelings, where they came from and some of the shadow work I’ve been doing around them. I also gave some tips on how you can reframe every tiny detail in your business to serve you and embody that fulfilled, joyful version of yourself; one that will create an even happier and more satisfied version of you when your milestone manifests.


The attitude you embody before you get anywhere close to hitting your goals will determine how you handle your wins. My income goals manifested way beyond my expectations because I was already living joyfully and embodying the version of myself that already had a 6-figure income. I was having fun, feeling fulfilled and I wasn’t stressing over the ‘hows’. Whether I hit that 6-figure mark or not, I already felt fulfilled and successful. I gave some tips on how you too can learn this practice of finding success and celebrating all the wins along the way.

If you’re not feeling worthy right now, where could that be stemming from? Could it be something happening in your life, or something you’re pushing yourself to do? Tune in to hear my advice on how you could start to believe that you are your worthy self right now; not after you hit that target income or that target number of clients.

I dove into the feelings around my reluctance to celebrate my $200k income milestone. Many of us were taught to aim for goal after goal, but discouraged from taking time to celebrate these achievements. We were taught that celebrating our wins was boastful and egotistical. So we learnt to play small so that other people didn’t feel bad about themselves. Dive in to hear about some of the limitations this kind of mentality can bring up.

Openly celebrating your wins will inspire others to aim for big goals too. I know that I wouldn’t have set a 6-figure business goal for myself if I hadn’t seen others achieving and celebrating that same goal. They helped me believe that if it was possible for them, it was possible for me too. That’s exactly why I remind myself to play it big and show up as that highest, most authentic version of myself – to show other people what’s possible.

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