Episode #16: Q&A Money Mindset, Manifestation & Marketing!

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May 17, 2021

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I’m so excited about this episode because it is actually an excerpt from a Facebook Live Q&A I recently did in my free Facebook community. The Social Reset Community is a beautiful group of soul-led entrepreneurs wanting to learn more about pretty much everything that you’re learning on this podcast, at a deeper level. Within my FB group, I talk about quarterly updates in my business, breakdown of my revenue and expenses, mindset hacks, things I’m learning, plus exclusive trainings and Q&A’s like this one.
Most of my answers to the questions in the Q&A were drawn from my own experience, so you’ll be getting the inside scoop on how I handle a lot of the aspects of running my business, from income and expenses, podcasts and webinars, to mindset, manifestation and marketing. So sit tight and get ready to take notes, because you’re going to be getting a shit-ton of value in this episode.


I shared about my own experiences of coping with the ups and downs in my first year of running a business, especially with the huge initial expenses and investments on a fluctuating income. You’ll learn how I handled the uncertainty with my mindset, what expectations I needed to adjust, and the thought process I used in making aligned investments and decisions.

When you take the time to dig into and understand more about your human design type, you will be able to incorporate and leverage it in your business. For example if you’re preparing for a launch- knowing what energy you operate from will help you to just show up and follow your strategy and authority in a way that feels right and aligned with you.

Instead of copying what has been done before, without considering whether it works for you or your audience, allow yourself to experiment. I’ve said this before; you are your own secret sauce! Find out what feels good to you and come up with your own aligned way of doing things, while remaining open to constantly reassessing the situation and adjusting your approach.

I dived a little into marketing strategies for podcasts, webinars, courses and different ways to market to a potential client without it coming off like a pitch. And I really believe that this is going to be determined by the transformation that you want to provide for your ideal client. What desire points do you feel like they could benefit from? What is the thing that could make their lives much easier? Starting from a place of answering your person’s most pressing questions or needs will help you connect with them on an authentic level.

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